2010’s First Happy Hour!

2009 was a great year for Happy Hour at Grouparchitect. Thanks in large part to the generous donations and heavy pint lifting of some dedicated souls, we raised over $900 for Sibling House. They are very appreciative of everyone’s efforts and the positive impact the donated funds will make to the children in the Sibling House organization.

It’s time to get together again, this time for the American Lung Association! In support of the ALA one of Grouparchitect project designers, Gavin Erickson, will be summiting Mt. Rainier in a Climb for Clean Air this July.  Donations of the upcoming Happy Hour will benefit the ALA of Washington, and this year’s climb. Come help Grouparch stamp out one of the top three killers in the United States.

Grouparchitect would also like to announce our enrollment in the American Lung Association’s Master Home Environmentalist Volunteer Program. This program offers free in-home assessments for anyone concerned with indoor air quality and in particular those who suffer from allergies, headaches, or respiratory problems which appear to be exacerbated by their living conditions. More information about the Program can be found here.

This year also starts off with a new Happy Hour glass, the second in our series of hard-to-get, one-off designs. Donations again are just $10/glass and the homebrew and light snacks will be on tap as always. More information on the upcoming batch can be found here.  If you’d like to attend one of our upcoming Happy Hour events, call us to for more information on upcoming dates.

Grouparchitect Happy Hour 2009

Last year’s custom print glasses.  This series’ design will be revealed at our first event!