Canada Day


Our family loves fireworks. A fascination for sparkly lights and thunderous explosions takes us north every year for Canada day. Our destination of choice is Victoria, BC. Similar to Seattle, Victoria is a city that can be approached by boat, however, that’s about where the similarities end.  Seattle with several high-rises adorning its skyline is quite impressive when approached by boat but can often times feel cold to a pedestrian. Grey weather and tall buildings lack softness at ground level creating a very urban environment.




Victoria in contrast is not dotted with the same verticality. When approached by boat the skyline is rather low and the structures are, well, rather lackluster. However, the pedestrian environment is significantly more engaged. Stepping onto the wharf there are street vendors galore, similar to Pike Place, but wrap a significant portion of the harbor. Alleys off the harbor, like the one between Yates and Fort st, transition this vendor type market place to more urban style shopping like those along Government st.


We often spend our few days in city wandering from place to place looking for something that we didn’t see last time, and usually it’s not a difficult task. Be it an exuberant transgender baseball tournament at the local park or a quiet meandering park at the adjacent developments Victoria has an experience for everyone.  The city that’s rooted in a pedestrian environment is what makes it very interesting for me. It can be pretty easily wandered by foot (or bike) and you’re sure to find something that is unique.