Method Homes & Grouparchitect Introduce the Option Series

Method Homes & Grouparchitect Introduce the Option Series
A line of new pre-fab home designs offering greater flexibility and efficiency for urban and suburban areas

SEATTLE – October 11, 2011 – Method Homes, a custom manufacturer of precision built, pre-fabricated homes, has introduced a new series to its portfolio of sustainably built homes. Method Homes’ Option Series by Grouparchitect are designed to offer additional affordability and flexibility for siting and customizing pre-fabricated homes.

“The Option Series was designed to take advantage of our streamlined building process and also provide flexibility. While the designs are aesthetically different, each offers multiple configurations that can be used to customize a floorplan, maximize the view lines on a specific site, and adapt to a customer’s design preference,” according to Brian Abramson, co-founder of Method Homes.

“We’ve also built upon our previous successes with the Cabin and M Series, we have been able to further streamline and simplify the process for these series. The result is our ability to offer home-owners and developers the efficiencies of our building process, along with customized designs at a price that is affordable,” Abramson said.

About the Option Series:
Designed with the ability to offer multiple aesthetics in mind, the The Option Series is adaptable and efficient. The design offers numerous floor plan configurations, including one, two, or three-story homes ranging from a one bedroom/one bathroom up to a home with three bedrooms + den and three bathrooms. Each individual module is constructed in 14-foot-wide sections to meet all Canadian and U.S. transportation standards. The modules can be arranged in multiple configurations in order to create a custom floor plan. In addition, the Option Series design offers three different roof profiles including shed, gable and butterfly that will appeal to those with an affinity for mid-century modern architecture. Starting at $130 per square foot, Option Series homes include the choice of three finish packages with additional sustainability energy efficiency upgrades. The Option Series was designed in collaboration with Grouparchitect of Seattle.

All of the new designs offer Method Homes’ unique approach to energy efficiency and green upgrades. The designs include bundled sustainability packages with four tiers of options. The uppermost is built to LEED platinum standards. The Option Series is available for order now to residential homebuyers or developers. For more information visit .

About Method Homes:
Method Homes is a custom manufacturer of precision-engineered prefabricated structures; all built by master craftsmen in its Ferndale, Wash. manufacturing facility. The company’s portfolio includes designs of modern prefab homes ranging from stylish cabins, family retreats and full-sized family dwellings. Established in 2008 in Seattle, the company has constructed homes for sites across North America, including British Columbia, the San Juan Islands of Washington, Idaho, Pennsylvania and many places in between.

Method Homes is committed to sustainable design and construction. Homes built in the factory reduce construction waste to less than 10 percent of materials used and all homes target LEED for Homes Gold certification standards or higher. Method currently has three homes targeting LEED Platinum in production and several others that are utilizing alternative energy and/or Passive House building standards. Method Homes offers radiant heat, heat recovery ventilation, solar, solar hot water pre-heat, an advanced insulated building envelope and has eliminated VOC finishes and other harmful chemicals in all its adhesives, lumber and materials. For more information about projects, designs and the pre-fabrication process visit

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