Leilani Gains LEED Certification

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The Leilani Apartments, our most recently completed multi-family project, was just awarded LEED Certification.   From the start of the project the design team considered sustainability in all aspects of the project.  Through the selection of responsible materials, using local manufacturers and suppliers, utilizing water conservation measures, and many other improvements, the team aimed at designing and building a project that will perform for decades into the future.  In addition to building performance the consideration of resident health and comfort was also a concern in the front of our minds.  Through the use of low v.o.c. interior finishes we aimed to improve indoor air quality and provide clean comfortable units for residents to live in.

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LEED is a nationally recognized rating system used in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings.  LEED also extends its ratings into neighborhood and urban planning, and single family homes.

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