LIV Apartments – Aerial Photos – July

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The LIV Apartments progress continues into July as framing has started on the north building’s level 3 and framing has progressed to level 7 of the south building.  Panels and other materials have begun to be staged on the top post tensioned level of the north building as framing on level 4 will soon begin.liv-aerial-july2Covered in a new high albedo roof, the west building officially topped out and efforts have now shifted towards waterproofing the exterior and installing windows. The cladding and masonry will soon follow as the contractors try to maximize the work in the dry season.

Phase 2, also known as the east building, will begin construction later in the month.  Site preparation has started and the relocated job trailers can now be seen located in center of the site.  Underground utilities, foundations, and slab on grade will soon follow.

Stay tuned for another aerial update in August.

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These photos have been provided by Skytech Aerial Photo, local aerial photographers with over 40 years of experience.