Phinney Ridge Prefab

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The Phinney Ridge Prefab project will soon kick off as plans have been approved by the city and contracts signed for construction.  This new house will be built using pre-fab techniques utilizing the Grouparchitect designed Option Series offered in partnership with Method Homes.

phinney_intro post_2The existing home’s concrete block foundation was in poor condition and repair was determined impractical.  In addition the size of the original home didn’t meet the needs of the owner and is in disrepair so early in the process the owner decided to go the route of ground up new construction for this project.  This home will soon be demolished so that ground works and foundations can begin.

phinney_intro post_3The new pre-fab home will feature a one car garage along with 3 floors of living space nestled into the tiny urban lot.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Phinney Ridge Prefab project and the upcoming demolition of the existing home.