LIV Apartments – Aerial Photos – Oct.

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October at the LIV Apartments was a busy month.  The most notable progress on site over the last month would probably be the framing of the North Building, which topped out at its highest point.  This signals the completion of the framing for phase 1 of the project.  The roof and waterproofing will soon follow in an effort to minimize the exposure to the moist fall weather.

The East Building, adjacent to 156th Ave NE, underwent a quick transition as subsurface utility work wrapped up and was encased beneath the 1st floor slab on grade.  Decking and formwork, shown in the image above, are set and preparations begin for the layout of utilities and blockouts for the second floor post tensioned slab.

LIV Aerial_Oct 2014_2The full mass of phase 1 can now be felt along Bel-Red Road as the north building has reached its full height.  Building facades and setbacks along the street at the North and West buildings help develop a scale relative to its context. As the buildings abut the street frontage to match the urban context they also set back and rise up to the level where views to downtown Bellevue and beyond are revealed.

At the South Building work continues on the waterproofing and cladding.  With work on that building nearly complete the cladding crews can then shift to the north building to continue work.

The first hint of paint and color are starting to be seen at the west building, and along Bel-Red Road the project is starting to to indicate the palate for the rest of the project.

Stay tuned for another aerial update in November.

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These photos have been provided by Skytech Aerial Photo, local aerial photographers with over 40 years of experience.