TDX Renovation – November Update

The Theta Delta Chi fraternity building has undergone some serious remodeling.  There has been a lot of progress to the courtyard and rear of the building over the last couple of months.  But now it’s time to renovate the original building.  The exterior was retrieved to its historic state, with Ionic columns supporting the portico balcony, the shingled Gambrel roof, and the original style of shutters and windows.  The previous remodel’s vinyl siding and shutters were replaced with durable fiber cement siding and composite shutters reflective of the original façade.TDXRenovation-c1937 copyTDXRenovation_original-street-view copyThe basis of this project dealt with the refurbishing of older materials and assemblies that have deteriorated over time.  The windows in the building were replaced with similar styles to continue the prestigious aesthetics of Theta Delta Chi.TDXRenovation_original-alcove-windowTDXRenovation_new-alcove-windowThe balconies facing the street have been revamped to withstand the weathering conditions of Seattle.  An aluminum railing was added to the smaller balconies to match the portico balcony.TDXRenovation_original-balcony-doorTDXRenovation_new-balcony-doorA large vinyl door, with similar mullions that align with the original window style, was placed as a more accessible entry to the main balcony.
The interior renovations will commence shortly!