LIV Apartments – Aerial Photos – Nov.

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The progress thus far during the month November at the LIV Apartments job site shows progress on all avenues.  The North Building topped out last month so efforts have now shifted to waterproofing.  The white TPO roofing membrane has been added and work is now focused on waterproofing exterior openings such as windows and doors.

In October, the East building – also known as Phase 2, was preparing for the pour of the second level post tensioned concrete deck. Progress since then shows that the floor has been poured and cured and is ready for the installation of wall panels to start the framing process that will eventually have the building topping out at six stories high.

LIV Aerial_Nov 2014_2The waterproofing efforts on the South Building have largely been completed.  Crews are finalizing the installation of the last few windows as other crews install the weather resistant barrier and cladding.  Weather permitting; the painting crew follows behind other trades.  Painting progress has been inconsistent due to bouts of wet weather but the painting progress is nearly complete at the south building.

The West Building has also undergone a significant amount of painting and is nearly completely painted.  As work wraps up on the exterior portion of the West Building, the interior progress continues with the installation of insulation, gyp, paint, finishes, kitchens, and more.


Stay tuned for another aerial update in December.

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These photos have been provided by Skytech Aerial Photo, local aerial photographers with over 40 years of experience.