LIV Apartments – Aerial Photos – Dec.

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December has been a busy month at the LIV Apartments.  Progress on the East Building has reached level 3 as framing crews install wall panels and flooring.  This panelized method of installing wall panels is the quickest way of getting a building of this type constructed.  On average, framing crews can install an entire level of wall panels and floors in a good week.  By the time the January 2015 aerial update is posted it is entirely possible that the East Building could be substantially complete as far as framing goes.

The efforts on the North Building are now focused on the window opening waterproofing and the installation of exterior doors and windows as the contractor moves toward drying in the building to get through the rainy season.

LIV Aerial_Dec 2014_2Elsewhere on the site crews are installing weather resistant barriers and cladding as painting crews follow behind.  Both the West and South Buildings are both nearly complete in terms of exterior appearance.  The North Building is not far behind as work there encompasses all stages of exterior work.  Crews stagger work locations and progress around the building in a race to dry in the building to start progress the interior work.


Stay tuned for another aerial update in January.

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These photos have been provided by Skytech Aerial Photo, local aerial photographers with over 40 years of experience.