Phinney Ridge Prefab – Module Set

Exciting news on the Pre-fab home front here at Grouparchitect!  The latest collaboration with Method homes is taking shape in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle.  This Option series house has been in the works for the last few months, and as detailed in previous blog posts progress has been continuing steadily.  The most exciting part of a pre-fab project is setting the individual modules onto the foundation and several of our staff (as well as most of the neighbors!) were on hand to observe the occasion.

1303_modset_8The modules are delivered to the site individually prewrapped on trailers from the factory.

1303_modset_2Due to site and utility constraints the modules had to be lifted from the alley at the rear of the house.  The crane was actually situated in the backyard of a friendly neighbor which lifted the modules to their final spot on the foundation.


1303_modset_4Workers carefully align the modules to ensure a tight fit and proper alignment. The first module placed takes the longest since all future module placement is based on this one. Placement itself is a manual alignment process with workers adjusting the modules with levers as needed before the crane fully releases the module from the lifting slings.



1303_modset_7In the span of half a day the four modules for this Method Homes project with Grouparchitect designed Option Series home were set and anchored.  Having been prefabricated in a warehouse, shipped to the site, and craned into place, the house is in its final location and ready for final trim-out before the homeowners can take occupancy. At the locations where the modules meet up, a number of items such as interior finishes and exterior siding still need to be completed. Within the next 30 to 60 days they will be moved in and enjoying their new home!

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Stay tuned for another update on the Phinney Ridge Prefab project as construction will soon wrap up.