LIV Apartment – Aerial Photos – April

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We have made a lot of progress at the LIV Apartment construction site. The exterior of the East Building is near completion. The East Building has the windows installed and is currently being wrapped with a weather protective membrane. The construction team will begin installing the concrete pavers and landscape to the roof decks, which will be complete with a green roof, dog run, planters, and trees.
1222-LIV-Aerial_April_WestBldgThe South Building’s lower deck is taking form with cast in place benches and planters. The exterior finishes have been applied and painted for the West and South Building. The North Building has been painted but there are a few exterior finishes that still need to be applied over the next couple of weeks. The lower deck’s landscaping in the North Building has started and similar corten steel planters have been placed in the entry courtyard.