Capitol Hill Apartments – Construction Update – April

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Our Capitol Hill Apartment complex has made a lot of progress since our last update.  Our design team was able to go down to the site to witness the construction process and document the project’s progress over a couple weeks.1111-Rudd_CapHillApt-deck2The foundation work is complete and the lower level is beginning to take form.  The foundation walls and columns for the first level was completed and the support shoring for the podium level is being laid down in this photograph prior to beginning preparations for structural rebar and the post-tensioning tendon placement.1111-Rudd_CapHillApt-PTprepLater in the deck forming process, the sides of the slab needed reinforcing members to make a clean concrete edge.  The formwork for the concrete pour is completely sealed to prevent any leaks or blowouts as the concrete will cure for 48-72 hours prior to removing the forms.1111-Rudd_CapHillApt-rebarOnce the deck shoring is in place, workers begin to lay out the rebar and post-tensioning cables, otherwise known as tendons.  The tendons are long pieces of steel encased in a tube.  The image exemplifies the skeleton of a post tension concrete slab.  Post tension slabs are used in elevated construction as well as parking garage floors to increase the structural capacity and efficiency of the floor slabs.1111-Rudd_CapHillApt-PTslabUpon approval by the City of Seattle and the Owner’s special inspectors, the concrete deck is poured with the tendons being tensioned once the concrete is roughly 21 days old. The tendons are tensioned by using a hydraulic jack and specialized workers.

Stay tuned for updates on our Capitol Hill Apartment project!