LIV-Construction Update-June

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The LIV Apartments is almost ready to welcome new occupants this July!  The majority of the remaining project’s amenity spaces and landscaping have been completed, including the planters, pavement designs, roof decks, lounges, and many other features.1222-liv-apartments-construction-update-image-ex-3The accent siding at the gateway entrance has been completed and landscaping is underway. The main walking path to the leasing office and building entry will be completed shortly.1222-liv-apartments-construction-update-image-in-21222-liv-apartments-construction-update-image-in-1The main entrance to the West building is lined with the corten steel planters and walkway lighting.Inside, the amenities are nearing completion. In the image below, the floor to ceiling windows maximizes daylighting and the views to the main plaza from one of two yoga rooms in the West building’s fitness center.