Lake Sammamish Remodel Completion

001-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-3-1This project was a remodel to the existing kitchen of a Lake Sammaish residence. The original home is classic mid-century kitchen renovated into a modern space with clean lines. This gave way to open the floor plan to connect the living room, dinging and kitchen. The Pental Quartz counter space organized the occupied area gracefully with an operable stove hood by Miele, adjustable to see the Lake Sammamish view.003-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-8004-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-1The kitchen has accessibility to the back porch and has two options of operation. From an open door to open window.005-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-4006-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-5The vibrantly painted glass wall accentuates the space above the Kohler sink and counter top with a wooden panel front Bosch dishwasher for continuity.008-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-7007-1417-sammamish-image-in-kitchen-6Form more information, please visit the Lake Sammaish project page