Ravenna Option 3.2 Completion

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This prefab residence is one of the option series Grouparchitect collaborated with Method Homes.  This home  was customized to meet the needs of the homeowners and their unique site.  It is located within Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood.  This modular home has (3) bedrooms, (3) bathrooms, spacious living spaces, and a garage and den space partially below grade.003-1419-method-homes-prefab-in-living-1The main floor contains custom bench seating and an open living space with bedrooms to the back of the house.004-1419-method-homes-prefab-in-kitchen-1005-1419-method-homes-prefab-in-kitchen-2The modern and vibrant interior was specifically designed by Miller Interior Design, by Keith Miller006-1419-method-homes-in-bathroom-2To see more on this complete project of the Ravenna Option 3.2, please click here