Leilani Completion

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Leilani Apartments adapted its name from the site’s previous occupant, the Leilani Lanes bowling alley.  The large site is bounded by a wide range of adjacent uses and scales, necessitating a multiple-building response to reduce bulk and scale as well as to provide ground level open space.  The project was completed in 2013 and has since been occupied by residents in the Greenwood area.leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-008The exterior has a serene color palette of blues and beige while the interior has a warm color scheme.  The ground level opens spaces for rest and still helps to respond to the commercial nature of Greenwood Avenue.leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-010 leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-009 leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-011 leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-013 leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-014 leilani-apartments-greenwood-seattle-grouparchitect-1033-012