Maple Leaf Veterinary Care Clinic Completion

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The Maple Leaf Veterinary Care Center relocated to a mid-century modern commercial building originally built as the office of Lawrence and Hazen Architects in 1952.  The original building was a recipient of an American Institute of Architects National Merit Award in 1953.  Care was taken to reveal and preserve as much of the original façade of the existing building as possible while modernizing it to meet current building practices, codes and the needs of the new owners.grouparchitect-1026-maple leaf vet-07The door and window placements at the entrance remained the same but the façade’s linear form is accentuated by the newly installed horizontal wood slats.grouparchitect-1026-maple leaf vet-05 grouparchitect-1026-maple leaf vet-06The wooden slat pattern continues to the interior soffits and the color scheme is carried through the casework. The interior space has an open floor plan to allow connectivity between clients and administration.grouparchitect-1026-maple leaf vet-02 grouparchitect-1026-maple leaf vet-04To view more details about this remodel, please visit the portfolio page by clicking here.