Auldbrass Plantation Tour & Benefit Dinner for the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

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Brian Palidar and his wife Christine had the chance to participate in a private tour in March of the Auldbrass Plantation in Yamassee, South Carolina to benefit the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy. The Conservancy puts on a limited number of private tours of Wright’s works in order to increase awareness of his work and support their mission of facilitating preservation and maintenance of the remaining buildings designed by Wright.Auldbrass_Dinner-image-landscape-01The home and supporting buildings are in the middle of a large working plantation in rural South Carolina adjacent to a large lake and pastures. The home was purchased in the 1908s’ by Hollywood producer Joel Silver who has undergone many years of painstaking renovations to the property.Auldbrass_Dinner-image-exterior-01The quality of the project however is evident from the level of effort and attention to detail in bringing the historic buildings to life. Wright mimicked the natural tree forms in the design of Auldbrass by matching the slight inclination of the nearby oak trees, canting the building’s siding, doors, windows, and walls at the same angle. The results is a wonderfully complex but elegant design.Auldbrass_Dinner-image-exterior-04Downspouts are custom here as well as everything else.Auldbrass_Dinner-image-exterior-02The tour concluded with drinks in the home’s living room, followed by dinner in the dining room in the home for the 20+ attendees.Auldbrass_Dinner-image-exterior-03Auldbrass_Dinner-image-group_photo-01Auldbrass_Dinner-image-group_photo-02Had the chance to make new friends as well, including those from the great Pacific Northwest. Turns out Robert Dauenhauer from Marmo E Granito, a Seattle-area stone and marble fabricator, was attending the dinner as well as the new recent purchasers of two Wright buildings in the Seattle area. Larry Woodin, a member of the Executive Committee  on the Conservancy, led the tour and also resides in our area.