The Mercantile – Construction Progress – April 2016

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The slab on grade is complete on the Mercantile site, located in Bothell.  The concrete columns are erected at the ground level.  Soon after, the level 2 deck was prepped for a concrete pour.1430-Bothell-Multifamily-photo-concrete-foundation-011430-Bothell-Multifamily-photo-PT-Deck-02The forms were constructed and lined with reinforced bars and ties, as illustrated in the image below.  The formwork for the concrete pour is completely sealed to prevent any leaks or blowouts as the concrete cures. 1430-Bothell-Multifamily-photo-construction-progress-011430-Bothell-Multifamily-photo-garage-framing-02Once the deck shoring is in place, the construction team laid out the rebar and post-tensioning cables.1430-Bothell-Multifamily-photo-PT-Deck-01Keep updated with the Mercantile project by clicking here.