Archive Sep. 2011


Step Up/Give Back – 1% at a Time

Brian Palidar AIA recently joined John Peterson, the founder of Public Architecture and The 1%, at the first 1% Design Advocacy event this August, hosted by Miller Hull and CAST Architecture and sponsored by Teknion. Presenters included John Peterson (Public Architecture), Trish Millines Dziko (TAF), Ray Schutte (Interbay P-Patch) and Brian Palidar (Grouparchitect). Photos by […]


Beer Squared

The last few weeks have seen a double batch of homebrew going for future events. We started the second lager batch ever, a Bock per a recipe from Brewing America’s Best Beers. It’s currently fermenting at the usual lager rate (slow). The other batch of random beer makin’ saw a new ale on top of […]


Spatial Organization As A Means of Self-Defense

Organizing the garage is usually something one doesn’t look forward to, but in my case I made an exception. Since we remodeled our (needs link to Ballard home) using the same site location as the existing house, I had to make a 2-car tandem arrangement work for my automotive escapades. The only way to survive […]