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Worldwide Photo Walk

    Do you like going outside? How about taking pictures? Well then the Worldwide Photo Walk might just be for you! And, honestly you probably don’t even have to like going outside too much since it’s only a few hours! =)  Several walks are being held around the city of Seattle this weekend as […]


Climb for Clean Air

Grouparchitect’s first Happy Hour of 2010 is rapidly approaching! This will be the first chance to see the new glass design and see what Brian’s been cooking up in the garage. More importantly it’s another chance to support a great cause! This time around we’ll be supporting the American Lung Association through the Climb for […]


Home Remodeling: Never quite as planned

My wife and I recently purchased a new home together. Of course there are visions of grandeur, and being a designer I had sketches of the possibilities before we even closed. One of our first goals was to move the washer and dryer into the house. It is currently in the basement, and you have […]