Northshore Townhomes

Kenmore, WA

This townhome development in Kenmore, Washington was designed with a focus on community and open space. The site’s constraints were mitigated by directing the design response towards enjoyment of what the challenge presented. Wetland areas were used as visual amenities for rear-facing yards and a wide utility setback on the south became an expansive greenspace which also increased the building setback to neighboring properties. Inside, the project focuses on a common open space which at the end of the tree-lined entry driveway. The layout of the buildings themselves responded to the project’s requirement for density by wrapping around the open space, creating a perimeter street with an organic feel, avoiding the typically monotonous straight streets so common in townhome projects. Each townhome unit includes an attached garage, with all unit interiors adorned in modern appointments with condo-grade finishes and Energy Star appliances and light fixtures.