Crispin Mathias+Fisher

Crispin Mathias+Fisher, Assoc AIA, LEED AP Project Designer

Serving as Project Designer for Grouparchitect, Crispin fuses creativity with BIM expertise to compose solutions both technically sound and authentically unique. She carves out for our clients a space that is intrinsically their own. Using full scale construction as a pallet, she paints rich narratives infused with history and sense of place. Raised along the Tennessee River, Crispin developed an affinity for boating and a knack for packing full programs into compact – water tight – spaces. She’s elated to be living in Seattle – US city with the most boats and working towards her architecture license. If Crispin is out of the office and not on the water; then she’s more than likely uncovering new artists while trying unheard of restaurants or scavenging epic Craigslist finds while watching Bill Nighy movies.