Architecture Abbreviations

ABV: Above
ACOUS: Acoustical
ADDL: Additional
ADH: Adhesive
ADJ: Adjustable
AFF: Above Finish Floor
AGG: Aggregate
AHJ: Authority Having Jurisdiction (Building Department)
A/C: Air Conditioning
ALT: Alternate
ALUM: Aluminum
ANC: Anchor, Anchorage
AB: Anchor Bolt
ANOD: Anodized
APX: Approximate
APT: Apartment
ARCH: Architect (architectural)
ASPH: Asphalt
AUTO: Automatic
AVE: Avenue
AVR: Average
AWN: Awning

BSMT: Basement
BM: Beam
BVL: Beveled
BITUM: Bituminous
BLK: Block
BLKG: Blocking
BLW: Below
BLDV: Boulevard
BTW: Between
BD: Board
BOT: Bottom
BLDG: Building
BUR: Built Up Roofing
B/O: By Others
BO: Bottom Of
BR: Bedroom

CAB: Cabinet
CALC: Calculation
CD: Cabinet Door
CG: Corner Guard
CIP: Cast-In-Place (Concrete)
CL: Centerline
CO: Clean Out
CONTR: Contract (or)
COORD: Coordinate
CRPT: Carpet
CIP: cast-in-place
CLK: Caulking
CAS: Casement
CB: Catch Basin
CLG: Ceiling
CT: Ceramic Tile
CIR: Circle
CLR: Clear
COL: Column
CONC: Concrete
CMU: Concrete Masonry Unit
CONT: Continuous
CJT: Control Joint
CORR: Corrugated
CUFT: Cubic Foot
CUYD: Cubic Yard

DP: Dampproofing
DTL: Detail
DIA: Diameter
DIM: Dimension
DW: Dishwasher
DIV: Division
DR: Door
DH: Double Hung
DS: Downspout
DRWR: Drawer
DT: Drain Tile
DWG: Drawing
D: Nail Size

EW: Each Way
E: East
EL: Elevation
ELEV: Elevation
EQ: Equal
EQP: Equipment
EXCV: Excavate
EXH: Exhaust
EXIST: Existing
EXT: Exterior

FOC: Face of Concrete
FOF: Face of Finish
FOM: Face of Masonry
FOS: Face of Studs
FOW: Face of Wall
FBD: Fiberboard
FCB: Fiber Cement Board
FGL: Fiberglass
FIN: Finish
FFE: Finished Floor Elevation
FA: Fire Alarm
FE: Fire Extinguisher
FPL: Fireplace
FLSH: Flashing
FLR: Floor
FLOR: Fluorescent
FT: Foot, Feet
FTG: Footing
FND: Foundation
FRM: Fram(d), (ing)
FBO: Furnished by Others
FUR: Furred

GA: Gage, Gauge
GAL: Gallon
GL: Glass, Glazing
GI: Galvanized Iron
GLBK: Glass Block
GLB: Glue Laminated Beam
GT: Grout
GRD: Grade, Grading
GWB: Gypsum Wall Board

HWD: Hardware
HDR: Header
HTG: Heating
HVAC: Heating, Ventilation-Air Conditioning
HT: Height
HC: Hollow Core
HOR: Horizontal
HB: Hose Bib

IN: Inch
INCL: Include
ID: Inside Diameter
INS: Insulate
INT: Interior
INV: Invert

JNT: Joint
JST: Joist

KD: Kiln Dried
KIT: Kitchen

LB: Pound
LAM: Laminate(d)
LAV: Lavatory
LH: Left Hand
L: Length
LOA: Length Overall
LT: Light
LF: Lineal Feet
LL: Live Load
LVL: Laminated Veneer Lumber
LVR: Louver

MFR: Manufacturer
MO: Masonry Opening
MAX: Maximum
MAS: Masonry
MECH: Mechanic(al)
MC: Medicine Cabinet
MED: Medium
MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard
MDO: Medium Density Overlay
MBR: Member
MMB: Membrane
MTL: Metal
MWK: Millwork
MIN: Minimum
MIR: Mirror
MISC: Miscellaneous
MOD: Module
MLD: Moulding
MLB: Micro Laminate Beam

NOM: Nominal
N: North
NIC: Not in Contract
NTS: Not To Scale
NO, #: Number

O: Non-Operable Window Section
OBS: Obscure
OC: On Center
OP: Opaque
OPG: Opening
OSB: Orientated Strand Board
OD: Outside Diameter

PMT: Paint(ed)
PBD: Particle Board
PRT: partition
PVMT: Pavement
PERF: Perforate(d)
PLAS: Plaster
PLAM: Plastic Laminate
PLT: Plate
PLYWD: Plywood
PCC: Precast Concrete
PCF: Pounds Per Cubic Foot
PLF: Pounds Per Linear Foot
PSF: Pounds Per Square Foot
PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch
PBF: Prefabricated
PRF: Preformed
PT: Pressure Treated
PL: Property Line
PH: Toilet Paper Hanger

QTY: Quantity
QT: Quarry Tile

RAD: Radius
REF: Reference
RFL: Reflect(ed),(ive),(or)
REG: Register

RE: Reinforced
REQ’D: Required
RA: Return Air
REV: Revision
R: Riser
RD: Rod
R&S: Rod and Shelf
RFG: Roofing
RM: Room
RO: Rough Opening

SCH: Schedule
SCN: Screen
SECT: Section
SGD: Sliding Glass Door
SHTH: Sheathing
SHT: Sheet
SH: Shelf, Shelving
SIM: Similar
SKL: Skylight
S: South
SLB: Slab
SLD: Slider(ing)
SPEC: Specification
SQ: Square
STD: Standard
STV: Stove
STL: Steel
STR: Structural
SA: Supply Air
SC: Solid Core
SW: Shear Wall
SS: Stainless Steel
SYS: System

TEL: Telephone
TEMP: Tempered
TK: Tight Knot
T&G: Tongue and Groove
T/O: Top of
TOC: Top of Concrete
TOW: Top of Wall
TB: Towel Bar
T: Tread
TS: Tubular Steel
TYP: Typical

UL: Underwriters Laboratory
UNF: Unfinished
UNO: Unless Noted Otherwise

VB: Vapor Barrier
VAR: Varnish
VIF: Verify In Field
VRN: Veneer
VERT: Vertical
VG: Vertical Grain
VIN: Vinyl Sheet

WL: Wall
WC: Water Closet
WH: Water Heater
WP: Water Proofing
WR: Weather Resistant
WRB: Weather Resistive Barrier
WWF: Welded Wire Fabric
WWM: Welded Wire Mesh
W: West
WIN: Window
W/O: Without
W/: With
WD: Wood

X: Operable Window Section