List of Services

Grouparchitect provides Commercial Architectural Services for the following project types and specialty services:

In addition to full scope architectural services we also offer tailored services to suit your project’s particular needs as listed below:

Project Administration and Management Services
  • Project admin. and Presentation
  • Coordinating disciplines/doc. checking
  • Agency consulting/review approval
  • Value analysis with budget and program
  • Project Schedules/Progress monitoring
  • Budget Evaluation/preliminary estimate
  • Construction management
Contract Administration Services
  • Submittal services/defective rejection
  • On-site visits + on-site project rep.
  • Testing and inspection administration
Supplemental documentation
  • Quotation requests/change orders
  • Contract cost accounting
  • Furniture/equipment install admin.
  • Interpretations and decisions
  • Project close-out
Design Services
  • Architectural design and documentation
  • Sustainable design/documentation
  • Structural design/documentation
  • Mechanical design/documentation
  • Electrical design/documentation
  • Civil design/documentation
  • Landscape design/documentation
  • Interior design/documentation
  • Special design/documentation
  • Material research and specifications
  • Tenant-related services
Bidding or Negotiation Services
  • Bidding materials
  • Addenda/responding to bidder inquiries
  • Bidding/negotiation
  • Analysis of alternates/substitutions
  • Special bidding
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract award
Evaluation and Planning Services
  • Programming
  • Functional relationships/flow diagrams
  • Existing facilities surveys
  • Marketing studies
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Project financing
  • Site analysis, selection and development planning
  • Detailed site utility studies
  • On-site and off-site utility studies
  • Environmental studies and reports
  • Zoning process assistance
Facility Administration Services
  • Maintenance and operational programming
  • Start-up assistance
  • Record drawing
  • Warranty review
  • Postcontract evaluation