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Beacon Hill – Rowhouses

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The existing site was subdivided to accommodate two townhomes and a single family residence on the opposing side. The two sites were designed simultaneously to coherently maximize the square footages according to each household and its needs. Each townhouse unit has an attached garage and a guest room on the ground floor. The second level […]


Northwest Christian Church Completion

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An uplifting finish renovation of Northwest Christian Church’s sanctuary was inspired by the already existing space. The design focused on highlighting the existing structure which featured soaring exposed wood beams and extensive stain-glass windows. The paint, carpet and finishes were selected for cohesive color in a reverent space.


LIV-Construction Update-June

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The LIV Apartments is almost ready to welcome new occupants this July!  The majority of the remaining project’s amenity spaces and landscaping have been completed, including the planters, pavement designs, roof decks, lounges, and many other features.The accent siding at the gateway entrance has been completed and landscaping is underway. The main walking path to […]


Architecture 2011

AIA Seattle’s FutureShack event is featured in Sunday’s Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Sunday Magazine. If you don’t have the paper, view the article online at: Link to Article