Mike Laurencelle

Mike Laurencelle Project Designer

Mike grew up in a small town in Connecticut with a family who fostered craftsmanship and exploration. His grandfather taught him about woodworking, signage and calligraphy, which has had a large influence on his artistic talents. During his education Mike had the opportunity to spend three months living in Florence, Italy where he learned about their rich culture and architecture, from the people selling local goods on cobblestone streets to the generations of work carved into the fabric of the city. Mike recently graduated from Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI with a B.S. focusing on architecture. His passion and dedication to the career stems from being inspired by his favorite architects, Carlos Scarpa and Louis Kahn to name a few. Mike is currently preparing for his professional career as well as returning to school for his Masters of Architecture. In his free time he enjoys running, mountain biking, and playing the guitar.